Bhopal Dialing Codes - At a Glance

Below is a recap of the important dialing codes you may need for making calls to or from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.

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National long distance code (NDD):
9x nnn nnnnn
Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal Phone Number Formatting

Complete Bhopal phone numbers, including area code, are always 10-digits long. However, the phone number format is different for landline vs. mobile phones. Mobile numbers are highly standardized 10-digit numbers with no separate area code specific to Bhopal. Landline numbers include a 3-digit Bhopal area code and a 7-digit local subscriber number. Phone numbers in communities surrounding Bhopal will generally have longer area codes and shorter subscriber numbers with the total still equaling 10-digits.

In India, area codes are also known as STD codes.

'8x' Series Mobile Phone Numbers

In addition to '9x' series mobile numbers which have been in use for many years, India now also issues '8x' series mobile numbers in the same 10-digit format:  8x nnn nnnnn.

Confusingly, the area codes used for landline numbers in some parts of the country also start with '8x'. An example is Bangalore which uses area code '80'. However, whereas landline '8x' area codes are tied to a specific geographic region, mobile '8x' numbers can be issued for any location nationally.

Additional Bhopal dialing and calling information is provided throughout this site.

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